The Truth About One-Star Reviews

ArtHouse Tattoo The Truth About One-Star Reviews

The dreaded one-star review is something that every business hopes to avoid, but no one truly can. The majority of us rely on reviews of a business to decide if we should interact with it, but what does that really mean? Every business will inevitably receive a one-star review, and this can discourage customers from … Read more

Custom Tattoos: Everything You Need To Know


You’re browsing the internet and Instagram – or maybe you’re old school, flicking through tattoo magazines, photo albums and artists’ books – but either way, you’re on the hunt for some tattoo inspiration. You’ve been thinking about it for a while and now, finally, you’ve decided: you want to get a custom tattoo. Something that’s … Read more

Culture & Ink: Tattoos of the Yakuza


Here in the West, it’s implied that tattoos are meant to be seen – and most are. They’re images, works of art, by their very nature visual. We photograph them, share them on social media, and scroll through galleries of flash/hundreds of pics, but what about the unseen? Those ones that are hidden away at … Read more

The Intriguing Stories Behind Russian Prison Tattoos


There’s something about a tattoo with meaning: the metaphorical compass that reminds you to follow your own path or the anchor representing your desire to be steady on your course, despite the waves. Criminal offenders in Russian prisons have meanings to their tattoos, too, but they’re far less inspirational. And they’re earned. There are rules … Read more

The Collector’s Guide to Popular Tattoo Styles

Panther Traditional Tattoo

Even before Samuel O’Reilly, a New York-based tattoo artist, discovered Thomas Edison’s failed electric pen in 1891 and used its design to create and patent the first known tattoo gun, Americans have had a love affair with body art. But what began as a social taboo has evolved into a number of artistic styles, inspired … Read more