The Collector’s Guide to Popular Tattoo Styles

Panther Traditional Tattoo

Even before Samuel O’Reilly, a New York-based tattoo artist, discovered Thomas Edison’s failed electric pen in 1891 and used its design to create and patent the first known tattoo gun, Americans have had a love affair with body art. But what began as a social taboo has evolved into a number of artistic styles, inspired … Read more

Your Guide to Getting a Custom Tattoo

ArtHouse Tattoo Portfolio 185

You have an idea for your new tattoo – spent countless hours on the internet looking for inspiration and components you’d like to pull together. What you’re looking for is a custom piece, but how does that process work? How does your idea transform from a description into an amazing piece of skin art? While … Read more

Tattoo Style: The Trouble with Realism

ArtHouse Tattoo Tattoo Style: The Trouble with Realism 1

Tattooing has been around for thousands of years. Throughout its existence particular canons emerged that are still equally important and applicable till this day. While new styles had developed and the process of tattooing had been elevated to the level of art form, the same basic canons and rules should not be ignored in favor … Read more

How to Choose the Perfect Tattoo Artist

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You’ve decided to get your first tattoo, or maybe you’ve relocated and are looking for an artist near your new home, or you are looking for a new tattooist in your hometown, it doesn’t matter. The steps to choosing the perfect artist for your new piece are the same. Of course you could just drop … Read more

Tattoo Safety Rules 101


When considering a new tattoo, the one thing you should never compromise on is your health. While surely remembering to discuss the design and the price, many tend to forget to inquire about the measures taken by the shop to ensure the absolute safety of the tattooing procedure you are about to experience. Don’t be … Read more